Wolf as Your Totem Spirit

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Wolf as Your Totem Spirit

Spirit Animals have been perceived as sources of meaning, wisdom and power for centuries. Spirit Animals or totems were symbolic guides of our unconscious minds to self-discovery journeys at their origins. Animals were used as a means of learning about ourselves before types of psychology and personality. Wolves have powerful symbolism out of all the power animals.
The Wolf's personality traits are powerful instinct, intuition, and high intelligence traits. The Wolf, working in a social environment, roams the wild with a thirst for freedom.

The pack's alpha males sometimes drive young wolves on the brink of sexual maturity away from the group, losing all of their social connections. Without the help of any social group, these ' lone wolves ' must learn to fend for themselves: they must become stronger. This is why we call it "lonewolf."

Wolf Spirit Animal Meaning

Ancient cultures and indigenous people believed that the same spiritual essence was shared between animals and humans. They also believed that these animals are attracted to us and present themselves to us for the revelation of messages in specific moments of our lives.

The Wolf Totem symbolizes:

• Strong connection with your instincts or intuition
• High intelligence
• Loyalty and communication
• Deep desire for freedom

Intelligence and Instincts

A Wolf has a high intelligence and strong instincts that were observed in their hunting strategies, habitat creation, and migration habits. It could be an expression of your sharp intelligence and strong instincts when a Wolf presents himself as your spirit animal. When the Wolf appears, either physically, through meditation or a dream, it's often a way to tell you that either you're using your intelligence and instincts well to solve a challenging life situation, or you're not using it at all.

The Wolf represents the pathfinder. He is a guide that helps you to discover when you are being misguided, or led correctly, when using your instincts.
Having a Wolf as a power animal highlights your levels of confidence or mistrust in your instincts and intuition. As a whole, totem animals make you aware of your current emotional state and wolves can serve as omens or guides to show you what makes you emotionally unbalanced. Look closely and listen carefully to what your intuition or instincts tell you when the Wolf appears in your life.

Loyalty, Connection and Communication

There is a misunderstanding that all wolves are “lone wolves”. This is, in fact, far from the truth. The Wolf is a power animal with a strong sense of communication and loyalty. In fact, these animals are very social, family-oriented and good to communicate with each other. They constantly engage with other wolves with the use of body movement, touch, eye contact and vocal sounds. If your totem is a wolf, expressing yourself verbally and physically is most likely good. Often people with the Wolf spirit animal are in speech naturally eloquent or good at creative writing. Most wolves match for life and if their own die, they won't take another partner. Pack members also hold deep emotional bonds, eagerly greeting each other after long periods of separation.

A Wolf spirit animal's presence can also serve as a reminder of your life's lack of loyalty or trust. Wolves often manifest themselves to people who have become strongly afraid of bonding with others and have grown immense mistrust of those around them. For example, a Wolf totem animal can represent a perceived threat or feeling that someone or something in your life is threatening you.
Since the main feature of Wolf is his sharp instinct, a Wolf spirit animal might try to tell you that you are misguided in trusting someone, or it might warn you to listen to your instincts or intuition more frequently and be loyal to yourself.

Perceiving the Wolf Animal Spirit is your unconscious way to let you know that it may feel vulnerable; that you may have revealed too much about yourself to someone, and now your sense of freedom is bounded by that person's predatory mistrust. It may also mean that at the moment the people with whom you are trying to connect make you feel scared.

Mistrust does not have to do with other people at all times. Our mistrust and lack of loyalty are sometimes with us. For example, maybe you're not listening to your verbal or written expression “communicative” traits, or maybe you're not behaving with yourself in a loyal self-loving manner.

Wolf Spirit Animal Freedom

If in a certain period of your life a Wolf appears to you when you are in doubt about the changes that are taking place, it can reassure you that the path you are taking is the right one and that you are loyal to your instincts.
Likewise, if the Wolf presents himself in a moment of life where you're stuck, it might remind you that you're a free spirit, that you can deviate from whatever path you're on and if necessary become a “lone wolf ” to pursue your dreams.


Written by James Miranda

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Frances Recca
Frances Recca

June 11, 2019

Since the wolf is one of my totem animals , I have always had a great love of their kind. I admire their “family” orientation and strength of purpose. My apartment is covered with all things wolf-I feel comfortable seeing their eyes everywhere I look. I had my desk space with wolf objects. It was interesting to see how many people became uncomfortable with the eyes of " my brothers" on them. I will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be one with my brothers. A’HO


May 28, 2019

I am a Wolf.

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