About us

I am David Popovich, and I am the owner and founder of Wolvestuff. I started Wolvestuff in 2016 after I watched a documentary titled The Hidden Life of Wolves. 

My fascination for wildlife triggered my interest to read more about wolves. I later found out that few organizations pay attention to taking care of the wolves in the wild. I felt like I have this opportunity to help the wolves in the wild.

I looked around my house; there were products I used and thought if I could create products that would resemble images of wolves that will help increase awareness.

While the wolf population has increased in the United States, the undertaking of recovery is far from over. The wolf species is still under threat, and there is still a lot of work that needs to do.

I accepted the challenge because I believe that my action will resonate to the people that I will meet along the way. I wasted no time in reaching out to my friends who helped me turn my passionate ideas into reality.

I have this straightforward approach that I especially formulated in creating comfortable apparels, linens, and beddings that I envisioned will help my customer look and feel at their best while expressing their desire to help the wolves in the wild.

I partnered with Plan B to Save the Wolves, an organization that helps other nonprofits that specifically supported wolves and wolf dogs with marketing, development/fundraising, and board development.

From the very first day of Wolvestuff, I always make sure that every decision that I do will make my customers proud, including you.

At Wolvestuff, we never used ingredients from animal sources and always make sure that its cruelty-free. I combined these with carefully selected designs to offer superb performance at an affordable price.

The jewelry, apparels, linen, and beddings are created and designed by partners that support the same advocacy. Wolvestuff is proud of its products and of the people who make them.

David with JojoesArt, The Artist
We believe people are our most valuable assets. Wolvestuff manifested its purpose and mission in its internal culture with a focus on helping strengthen the awareness about the wolves in the wild. Making a commitment that every member of my team understands that cultivating this kind of advocacy is necessary by helping them learn is my core priority.

Wolvestuff aims to strive to live its mission and support the wolves in the wild, while celebrating and elevating their voices in the general public about the vital role that the wolves play in healthy ecosystems, debunking myths that had followed these magnificent creatures relentlessly eventually causing them to be hunted into near extinction and advocating for peaceful co-existence.

As part of our mission here at Wolvestuff, we've decided to help young artists around the world and give them the opportunity to create and share their beautiful arts in every product that we made.

Wolvestuff now plays a big part in leading the e-commerce industry and supports artists by protecting their copyright, which is why all designs here at Wolvestuff are licensed and copyrighted. For every sold item, we provide a portion of the sales to these artists as our way of giving back for their hard work, so they could create more arts and bring joy and happiness to the world.  

Join our pack today, contribute to the cause.

Best regards,
David & Wolvestuff family