The Symbolic Meaning Behind Cherokee Warrior’s Headdress

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The Symbolic Meaning Behind Cherokee Warrior’s Headdress

We can all agree that the Cherokee Headdress is a beautiful work of art. Nowadays, it is not only seen and worn as costumes in Western movies but we could also see people wearing these beautiful and historical headdresses in different occasions like cosplays, Halloweens, and many more that it became a trend. These leads us to believe that the Cherokee headdress is just a cultural wear that every Native American person possesses. But there is actually more to it than you know.

Native Americans considered the feather of an eagle as the highest symbol and mark of respect. They earn it through courage and honor. A Cherokee warrior must show these characteristics and brave acts for them to earn their feathers and be a person of honor. It can also be earned by serving and working for their nation or community. These services and works include acts of valor in battle but may also include political and diplomatic acts that can bring honor to Cherokee warrior’s nation. A feather of an eagle was hard to earn that, sometimes, only two or three feathers were awarded in a Cherokee’s whole lifetime. When a Cherokee earns enough feathers, they incorporate it into a headpiece or a regalia.

The feathers from a Cherokee headdress represent trust, honor, power, strength, wisdom, and many great characteristics. It is the most rewarding gift a Cherokee warrior can receive because they believed that it was a reward given by the ones above. They believed that the eagles have a deep and spiritual connection with the heaven because eagles soar and fly high.  Every feather earned by a Cherokee warrior is well taken care of and should never be dropped or can never touch the ground. It is said that keeping these feathers hidden is disrespectful so most of the feathers earned by Cherokee warriors were proudly displayed on their homes for everyone to see.

We should all know that a Cherokee headdress is reserved only for the Native American Tribes revered elders who earned their feathers through their selflessness and brave leadership. Those who earned these feathers are only the ones who may wear it. It is not only a traditional and cultural wear but also a spiritual garb. We should all know that wearing a Cherokee Headdress is not easily worn and that wearing one just because it’s on a trend or just because you find it awesome belittles what the Cherokee elders earned for a lifetime.


Written by James Miranda

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Matilda Flippo
Matilda Flippo

November 04, 2019

The workmanship of these are awesome and beautiful. Love all their work.

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