Wolf Eagle Sculpture

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Wooden wall refiel with carved sculpture of wolf and eagle.

Beautiful and unique rielef for wall decoration. This gorgeous must have is hand painted in vibrant colors making the sculpture look like alive. 
Amazing carved sculpture of wolf and eagle on the top of lid gives a wild appearance to this elegant scene.
This brilliant piece of wood with elegant round-cut edges will make perfect decoration for every room and delight the most demanding wood art fan.

~Responsibly sourced wood like beech, oak and lime tree.
~Beautiful decoration object
~Top of lid is decorated with hand carved wolf and eagle sculpture.

~Perfect details and smooth polished finish

~Perfect gift for every collector and fan of wooden art.

Lenght: 40cm (approx: 15,7")  or 28cm (approx: 11")

(note for seller: please remember that these dimensions comes with different price)

If you want to personalize your box by engraving name, wishes or other inscription on it let me know. I will inform about extra cost (if any) and other details.