The Native-inspired Bedding Set 3pcs


Have you seen a bed cover this beautiful?

We’ve got you covered!

This Native-inspired pattern beautifully represents their famous creativity that is unmatched by any other culture. This exclusive duvet cover will brighten up your entire bedroom and elevate your room’s decor to a whole new and more native feel. Not only that, but we guarantee our quality and comfort. The quality of this bedding is like no other. We use the highest quality microfiber which means a comfortable, warm sleeping experience. The materials used in all of our beddings will keep you just the right temperature year-round.

What really impressed our customers even more than the comfort, is the quality. The quality of print and materials is purely magic. The beautiful designs printed on these duvet covers don’t fade when you wash them! 

Here at Wolvestuff, our top priority is to maintain our customer relationships. We focus on actually building a one-on-one relationship with every single one of you. We will always respond to your messages, comments, emails, and phone calls. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us through whichever medium you prefer. With that being said, we have heard nothing but positive feedback from our customers regarding the comfort and quality of our beddings.

One loyal customer said, “Wolvestuff really impressed me with their high quality and fast shipping! I would really recommend these beddings to any of my friends!” -Maurice L. (08/18/2018)

Choose your size and get ready to wake up from your wonderful nights rest and hear all the compliments from your friends and family!

Treat yourself with this amazing tribe design.

Spread and Pillow Shams - Soft to the touch, with a comfortable feel, this bedding set will be a beautiful native addition to your home. 

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Bedding Specifications:

Packing List:  1 Duvet Cover + 2 Pillow Cases

Fabric: The Best Quality microfiber

Care Instructions: Bed Sets are Machine Washable

Quantity: 3pcs

ATTENTION: Our bedding cover doesn't come with duvet comforter insert.

EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: The hidden zipper closure is convenient to put your duvet in and out, inside ties are added to keep your duvet in place. The sturdy zipper is beautifully tucked in and well-sewn, it can hold up perfectly after multiple use and washing.

EFFORTLESS CLEANING: Microfiber has desirable properties such as super soft, breathing ability, reversible, wrinkle resistance, luxurious appearance and easy cleaning. You can easily wash them in the washing machine or by hand.

GEOMETRIC TRIANGLES DESIGN:  A beautiful Native-inspired design in golden brown hues.


 For international orders, please follow the Australian (AU) measurements

Sizes: Please read the measurements below before placing the order, no returns for wrong sizes. 


Twin 68" x 86" / 173cm x 218cm
Full 80" x 90" / 203cm x 228cm
Queen 90" x 90" / 228cm x 228cm
King 104" x 90" / 264cm x 228cm
Twin - Full 26" x 20" / 66cm x 51cm
Queen - King 36" x 20" / 90cm x 51cm
Single 55" x 82" / 140cm x 210cm
Double 71" x 82" / 180cm X 210cm
Queen 82" X 82" / 210cm X 210cm
King 94" x 86" / 240cm x 220cm
All 29" x 19" / 75cm x 50cm
Single 55" x 82" / 135cm x 200cm
Double 79" x 79" / 200cm X 200cm
King 90" X 86" / 230cm X 220cm
Super-king 50" x 75" / 260cm x 220cm
All 29" x 19" / 75cm x 50cm