Wolf Totem DNA Necklace


    This Wolf totem DNA necklace contains Synthetic Wolf DNA. By Synthetic DNA, we mean there is no real wolf involved, it's an authentic copy of their genes made out of synthetic material. It's the closest to real Wolf DNA without even involving a single Wolf!

    This magical Crystal DNA will unite your soul with your spirit animal. It has the power of a crystal that attracts and allows you to absorb your spirit animal's energy! If you are wearing the pendant, you are protected by your spirit animal and its power and wisdom guides you.

    Your spirit animal will always be by your side, listening to every beat of your heart, Leading you to your core to always be in harmony.

    Everytime you need to pursue a farther distance or climb a higher place, the pendant will work its "magic". It will connect you to your totem and its instincts, attributes, energies and spiritual guidance.

    Each Wolf Totem DNA Necklace contains a synthetic DNA, the closest copy of the wolf's Genuine DNA.

    The Synthetic DNA's are produced in a certified lab in order to assure the authenticity of the product.

    (No animals were involved during the process.)


    • DNA pendant - each pendant is hand made

    • 70 cm necklace

    • Personally signed authenticity certificate 

    • Spirit Animal's Characteristics Card


    • USA - Shipping = 3-5 Days
    • Rest of the World = Up to 10 Days