Wolf Mom Sweatshirt



Did you know that there are still wolves getting hunted and killed in 2019? I mean, this is the future! It's already 2019! Why are people still hunting endangered species? It's not just wolves, even other endangered animals are still being hunted. Don't people have compassion and discipline anymore?

In 2018, the number of wolves killed due to hunting is a lot. Almost each state in the United Stated have reported killing of wolves. In Wyoming alone, the reported killings have totaled in 81. It sounds like a small number, but for the species that is endangered, that number is quite a lot.

According to US News, "wildlife managers have confirmed a record number of Mexican gray wolves have been reported dead this year, fueling concerns about the decades-long effort to return the endangered predator to the southwestern US."

This should concern us all, especially the wolf lovers like us! We need to spread more awareness to save the wolves and the animals that are endangered.

Spread the Wolf Love and Spread the Wolf Awareness with this Wolf Mom Sweater. Show the world that we can fight and stop the killing of wolves.

This Wolf Mom Sweater is made from High quality cotton blended fleece fabric. It provides great comfortability and coziness.