The Wolf Moon Lamp


Wolves are very expressive. They do have legendary vocalizations yet they do have an amazing and complex system of body language. Their eye contacts convey intent and their current state. Discipline among them is rarely sensible. Rather, their behavior is reinforced through different and complex expressions. Just one look from their Alpha Wolf conveys a lot of power just like that of a physical blow.

We also do have the same instincts as the wolves. Try to explore your own eye contact and body language. Do a self-examination on yourself. What are you trying to convey right now?

Grab one of these wolf moon lamps and express your emotions.


  • Texture has a Three-dimensional effect restoring the real appearance of the moon
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Has a 25-hour lifespan when fully charged
  • Has a switchable brightness
  • Contains 1 white and yellow LED bulb
  • Has a color temperature of 3000K / 6000K
  • May be placed on a wooden stand with a hand