Sterling silver Navajo Chief and Headdress small pendant

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This is a handmade jewelry, we need 3 weeks to produce your earring.
"My jewelry has a Native American look to it, as my father spent a lot of time with Navajo Indians throughout his adolescence. Since I coveted what he has made throughout his time as a silversmith, I developed a southwestern style with its own uniqueness"- Noah

925 Sterling silver Native American inspired design.

This pendant is made to resemble a Native American Chief in a full feathered headdress/bonnet.

Beautiful Custom Craftsmanship: As a limited edition set exclusive to Wolvestuff, This jewelry will be designed uniquely for you. This set popular with men and women, and is the perfect gift for all occasions.


  • Materials: Sterling Silver, 925, Turquoise, Coral

  • The Red is Real/nature ocean Red Coral, and the blue is Natural Turquoise Gemstones.

  • This pendant measures approximately 40cm tall including bail by 22cm wide.

  • The facial features have a lot of realistic details in them, and a lot of time was spent on creating this pendant.

  • 18 inch chain