The Spirit Animal 2™ Ring 925 Sterling Silver

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The Animal Spirit Rings that you can't see in any stores! These are exclusively handmade by our artist.

"My jewelry has a Native American look to it, as my father spent a lot of time with Navajo Indians throughout his adolescence. Since I coveted what he has made throughout his time as a silversmith, I developed a southwestern style with its own uniqueness."- Noah

This is custom handmade jewelry, we need 3 weeks to produce your ring.
All orders for this week will be shipped out by Sept. 10.

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 Sterling silver ring with a very detailed animal head centered in the middle and two Turquoise chip inlay animal design on each side. The top of the ring measures approximately 3/8" wide and tapers down to 1/4" wide. 

This is a handmade jewelry, we need 3 weeks to produce your ring/necklace. 

People born under a totem of gecko tend to be clever, resourceful, easygoing and humble. They are open-minded, physically active and usually friendly. However, they are not easily tricked and it is sometimes pretty hard to find out what they have in mind.
Gecko teaches us to take the best from opportunities in front of us. It also reminds us to be humble and not ask much, but rather use all resources we do have and build new upon them, on our own.

In the ancient religions of Mexico and Central America, Indian snakes were associated with divinity, rebirth, and spiritual power, and were often looked upon with both fear and awe, and the shed skins of snakes were used as power items by traditional priests in some parts of Mexico.

A horse is a very helpful spirit animal that helps facilitate spiritual awakening and growth by teaching you how to create symmetry between your desire for independence and your current responsibilities. There is a time to rest and a time to run and a lot of living in between.  A horse can teach you how to enjoy the sweet apple that drops from the tree before taking on that next challenge.

Having a horse as your spirit animal can mean different things to different people, and even different things at different times in your life. Look at two pictures of a horse, one wild and one tame.

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The Spirit Animal™ Pendant Necklace


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Style: Southern Style

Shape\pattern: Spirit Animal

Model Number: 925 sterling silver

Materials: Sterling Silver, Kingman Turquoise