My Wolves' Den Doormat



Wolves are known to live in packs in order to survive. They function as one entity to achieve one goal. My Wolves' Den design symbolizes security and unity among wolves. It protects the pack from danger. With the Wolves' Den doormat, you allow yourself to be protected from dangers outside your ''den''.

Wolves' den design features a customizable option with your own name replacing the words ''my wolves'', limited to 10 characters only.
e.g. ''James' Den.''

Simple and elegant, this "My Wolves' Den" Doormat turns your home into a gorgeous, restful retreat inspired by the wolf’s spirits- power, balance, self-control, and animal instincts. 

This is your house, and your spirit animal. Your home is where you create spaces as bold as your spirit (Wolf spirit). Collect objects as inspired as your dreams. Find pieces that remind you of your strong connection to the elements, the earth, and the spiritual side to life. This spirit animal is incredibly important... so let the wolf guide you through your ''den's'' transformation.


  • 100% polyester, flannel + foam

  • 40x30 - 106g
  • 60x40 - 203g


  • 1 Doormat Size (40x30cm/60x40cm)