Forget-Me-Not Wolf Necklace

We have a new jeweler named Eugenia and she makes unique hand-painted jewelry. Here is her story...


"One lady living in a nearby apartment care about a little garden under our windows. She noticed how I admiring her plants and gave me this beautiful bouquet of forget-me-not flowers. This is how I've been inspired to create these beautiful necklaces!
The lilac, violet, and nebula colors will always remind me of her flowers"

Size:  4×4,5 cm (1,6×1,8 inch) Materials: Birchwood, handmade oil paint painting, covered with lacquer. It is wrapped in a little bag inside the box with ribbon.



This is custom handmade to order, every necklace is unique and not the same, therefore we need a processing time of one week before shipping your necklace, please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your order.



This is a handmade order, there might be a slight difference between the image in our store. 




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