American Native Sumino Throw Sofa Blanket

Native American rugs were originally created by weavers working within the tribe. They used cotton threads, which they spun themselves and dyed with natural products such as tree leaves and berries to create different colors. The threads were then woven together to create different designs. The arrival of different settlers changed the way the blankets were created.
The major change was the use of wool threads and fibers. Spanish settlers brought sheep with them and different tribes began breeding the animals themselves. White settlers to the area brought looms and the Native Americans used them as well. It made the creation of the blankets an easier and faster process.
Available exclusively at Wolvestuff.
Shape: Rectangle
Material: 100% Cotton thread
Style: American Native
Type: Thread Blanket/Towel Blanket
Luxuriously warm.
Washed for lush softness.
Shades of red and white, blue and red blend seamlessly through this American Native inspired throw. Cuddle under the soft, cotton-cashmere throw and you'll be cozy in no time!