YellowStone trip contest- T&C

 6 Lottery Terms and Conditions


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  1. For This Terms That Are in the Lottery Contest There Is a Definition:


  • "The Lottery Manager" -


  • "The Supervisor" - Wolvestuff's lower office



  • "The Lottery Committee” - the lottery committee are the lottery manager and the supervisor or one of their own representatives.


  • "Participant" – anyone over 18 years old that meets the conditions.


  • "Personal Details" – first and last name, address, mobile number (at least one), email address and a consent for email messages with marketing content from the lottery manager and by companies that awards the lottery.


  • "The Winner" – the person who won the lottery by picking his note.



  • "The Prize"- the thing that the winner will get.


  • "Day of Getting the Prize"- can be picked by the lottery manager after the lottery contest and it will not be over 60 days after the lottery contest.



  • “Participation Period”- from: to:


  1. The Date of the Lottery and the Manner of Participation


  • The Lottery will be held on the day: on: ___ o'clock on the lottery manager offices, in the presence of the lottery committee. Without derogating from the aforementioned' the lottery manager can prolong or change the participation period' to add more lotteries and can reduce or change the prizes, at his sole discretion. It will be subject to the approval of the lottery supervisor or/and under any law.


  • The Lottery will be done by associating a number with each participant.



  • The Lottery committee will edit a Semitic list of winners, as well as 3 names that will be used as reserve winners which will be used as a substitute winner if necessary. Reserve winners will not be count as winners unless "The winner" is not able to realize his reward. The reserve winners will be executed in order of their names and immediately upon the termination of a winner.


  • A participant who did not contact the lottery manager within 60 days from the moment of winning will be disqualified. In this case the winner will be announced from the reserve winners. If the reserve winner is not eligible to receive the award for any reason the lottery committee will announced new reserve winners.


  1. Prior Conditions for Participating in the lottery



3.1 In order to participate in the lottery for the participant, during the lottery period, click on the Like button to the Facebook page, share publicly the lottery post and send message to the Facebook page.


3.2 It is clarified that by taking the participant to press like and public share, he accepts accessibility to personal details including a name and an e-mail. It is clarified that the lottery manager or who on his behalf can use this data to periodically get marketing content.



3.3 Any participant allowed to be taken off the mailing list as soon as he writes "remove" and fills all the steps.


3.4 A condition to receive the prize is that the lottery manager may photograph or record the winner when the prize is being used and can use these for marketing and put it on the web.



3.5 As the winner cannot take a picture or a record for religious or ideology reasons, it will be photographed by his family or representative on his behalf.


3.6 It is clarified that the lottery editor may not photograph or/and publish the details of the winner or/and photos and records taken.



  1. The Participants in the Lottery
  • Anyone enrolled in the lottery using the registration form appearing on the lottery's Facebook page and whose name and details will be recorded in the system of the Lottery manager in the lottery period.
  • The participant in the lottery must be over the age of 18.
  • Each participant of the lottery is allowed to participate only once (fill out the form).


  1. The Prizes

The prizes that will be among the participants in the lottery is/are: “3-Day Grizzly and Wolf Safari Tour - Jackson Hold Wildlife Safari.” It is clarified that the lottery manager may add or convert any award in equivalent item according to the consumer price list at the same time. It is clarified that it is not possible to replace or/and convert or/and change a monetary credit for award winning prizes.


  1. Disqualify a Participant or a Winner
  • The Lottery Manager with the approval of the supervisor may disqualify a participant or a winner whose personal information in the registration form is not fully fulfilled, and if the details he has stated' all or some, have become apparent as wrong, at the sole discretion of the lottery manager.
  • If a participant was disqualifying before the lottery is done, the name of the participant who is disqualified from the lottery will not be included. In addition, if a participant is disqualified the prize will move to the first reserve winners according to the reserve winners list.



7.Publish the Result of the Lottery

7.1 The name of the Winner will be announced on the lottery manager Facebook page within 30 days from the lottery announcement.

  • The Lottery Manager will send to each winner a message about the winning with e-mail or Facebook message according to the registration form.
  • In the message the award received will be describe, contact details, address to pick up the prize and the possibility of shipping the award through registered mail on the winner's account. (the above message should be noted where you can see the supervisor report on the lottery).


  1. Award Receipt
  • In order to receive the award' the winner will be required to provide all the details which the lottery editor will need to receive the award within 30 days from the lottery announcement.
  • The winner will be required to sign a certificate for receiving the award when it is received and declare the terms of this policy.



  1. Responsibility
  • The Lottery Manager, including its employees, advisors, who operate on his behalf and supervisor are not responsible and will not be responsible for the proper functioning of the national and global internet network, and will not bear the responsibility for any interruptions or/and interruptions in providing any pf the services associated with the lottery or/and any damages, direct or indirect including direct or indirect expenses which would be a participant in the operation for disruptions or disturbances as stipulated in the event that it would prevent someone to enroll to the lottery.


  • The Lottery Manager, including its employees, advisors, who operate on his behalf and Supervisor will not be responsible in some way to any fault or error that will inadvertently cause the lottery.



  • Without derogating from the aforementioned generality no subscribers in this section are responsible for any direct or/and indirect damage that would cost something due to a malfunction or error in the aforesaid.


  • In case of a glitch or an error in the aforesaid the Lottery Manager is allowed, under his sole and absolute discretion and the approval of the supervisor of the lottery, to cancel any lottery, to reduce or to enlarge the prize






  1. General
  • Every participant in the lottery hereby gives his permission, that he read this articles of association, and that he accepts the previously mentioned, and even if the participant did not read the articles of association the participant agreed that the provisions of this regulation will apply to him. The Lottery Manager and whoever runs on his behalf will be entitled to publish or allow to publish the winner personal details, in the accordance with the applicable law. The participation in the lottery and deliver the details by the winner to the Lottery Manager, are a constitute of an agreement to publish the winner personal details.


  • All the aforementioned in the masculine means both female and vice versa



  • The lottery results determined by the lottery committee will be final, absolute and un-appealed.


  • Every change will be held in writing, published up to 14 days before the time of the lottery, and will be kept close to the regulations at the Lottery Manager's offices.



  • Any tax, deduction or tax charge in any kind will be under the responsibility of the winner and at his expense only. The Lottery Manager will have the right to give the winner details to the tax authorities, if required by law.


  • The Lottery Manager, the supervisor, partners, employees and family are not allowed to participate in the lottery.