More Membership Info & FAQ

We have officially launched our Wolf Pack Membership!


What is the membership?

Well, it’s a membership that allows you to save more than ever! Do you want the same discounts as we give wholesalers and even our own employees? You now have the opportunity to purchase products at wholesale price + FREE shipping? SOO much savings!


How do you sign up?



Signing up is easy. If you have a credit card, you are qualified to sign up for this money saving membership. Just make an account on our website using your email and a password, then sign up for our subscription using the link above. (These are two separate accounts)


If you need help, we can do all of this for you. It just gives you another reason to sign up over the phone.

Secondly, you have to enter your membership information on our website under the "Monthly VIP Membership" button or by calling us at +1 (855) 464-9653. We prefer over the phone because this way you will be enrolled into the program immediately. If you sign up for the program online, you will have a pending account for up to 24 hours.



Still not sure if this is worth it? Well, let me list out a handful of reasons why we think it’s worth it.

  • It pays for itself if you place an order that is worth over $40 at least once a month which is easy considering the fact that most of our best selling items are in the $100 range.
  • Exclusive access to members only prices when you log in to our website.
  • For each monthly subscriber, we will donate $1 from every subscription to Plan B to Save Wolves every month.
  • Best, most affordable, and time saving idea for the holidays. Get your gifts all in one place!
  • We have had thousands upon thousands of repeat customers simply because they genuinely appreciate our products. If they had this membership, they could have saved nearly double!


Additional Information (FAQ)-

When will your card or PayPal be charged?

  • Immediately when you sign up, then you will be charged every 30 days. (You can cancel at any time)


Where can I find the sign up page?

  • You can find the sign up page at the top of the website, on the Home Page, in the side window on mobile, and at the bottom of the website, or if you are interested but need help, you can give us a call at +1 (855) 464-9653


When will your prices change?

  • The actual website prices will change within 24 hours if you order online, or right away if you sign up over the phone.

How do you cancel?

  • Call Wolvestuff at +1 (855) 464-9653 (8am-8pm CST)

Click here to sign up