Wolf Paw Arrowhead Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver

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Stunning sterling silver Navajo designed ring with shadowboxed inlaid crushed Kingman Turquoise gemstones that are accented with crushed Dark Red Coral inlay, and tied together with intricate stamping along the band and stones. This ring measures approximately 1/2" tall and 1" wide for the main stone setting/artwork. This ring is available in Sizes: 4 through 14 - please select your size when purchasing. This ring is a heavy gauge and sturdy ring, built for everyday wear and tear, a ring designed for those hard on jewelry. 

As a limited edition set exclusive to Wolvestuff, this necklace will be designed and inlaid uniquely for you. All our products are handmade using the finest 925 sterling silver and of course craftsmanship. Light but durable, these are a couple of our flagship products. This set is popular with men and women, and is the perfect gift for all occasions.


      • Light but durable
      • Built for everyday wear and tear
      • Designed for those hard on jewelry
      • Perfect gift for loved ones



  • 18 inch


    Small = .875" tall by .50 wide

    Medium = 1.5" tall by .75" wide

    Large =  2" tall by 1.125" wide


      Small = 2.22 cm tall by 1.27 cm wide

      Medium = 3.81 cm tall by 1.905 cm wide

      Large = 5.08 cm tall by 2.85 cm wide