Navajo hand-carved Turquoise Arrowhead pendant


Wolvestuff is proud to release this Native American Navajo Hand-carved Arrowhead pendant. This pendant features a piece of Turquoise wrapped in a Sterling Silver feather bail and accented with a piece of Ocean Red Coral.

Pendant measures: 4mm Tall with bail by 1.5mm wide and .5mm thick

This pendant has the option of shipping with a 18 inch 925 Sterling Silver chain if desired.

This pendant is handmade in The U.S.A, It will ship on the next business day. Shipping takes 2 to 5 days to reach its destination if shipped within the Domestic United States. International Shipping will take longer.

This is a limited supply piece of Jewelry as we only have 24 of these pendants

Due to this piece being natural Turquoise stone - None of these pendants are exactly the same. That means you will get a unique shape and size that will be randomly picked for you.

Native American Navajo artisan Aaron Jefferson Howe is a diverse Stone Carver working in various materials and specializes in Turquoise Carvings. Please see some of his unique carvings below.

Arrowhead Description:

The meaning of the Arrowhead symbol was to signify alertness. As a talisman, the arrowhead was worn around the neck to ward off the Evil Eye. It symbolized courage, strength, and protection. Native Americans believed the arrowhead could deflect negative energy and allow the wearer to absorb their enemy’s power.  

Native American arrowheads were made of stone. Great strength and a good eye was required when using the Bow and arrow weapon.