Bear, Wolf, Eagle, and Horse Cuff Bracelets


Two sizes available, please select your size when purchasing.

Size 6 = 5 inches from inside end to end with a 1-/4 inch gap
Size 7 = 5-3/4 inches from inside end to end with a 1-1/4 inch gap

The larger bracelet is 1/2 of an inch wide/tall and tapers down, and the smaller bracelet is 3/8 of an inch wide/tall and tapers down.


This is a piece of handmade jewelry and will take three weeks to craft by our Texas-based jewelers. 


The four available designs are Bear, Wolf, Eagle, and Horse.

The Bear and the Bear Claw- A symbol of strength and wisdom, and are often associated with healing and medicine. The bear claw often represents protection and a connection to the animal. It is often worn by those who seek leadership.

The Eagle - The eagle is a powerful symbol that represents victory, conquest, and personal power. The eagle symbol is believed to help with one's drive for victory.

The Wolf - The symbol of the wolf represents communication. It is considered a deity in many cultures, and its imagery is often used to inspire loyalty, compassion, and fierceness.

The Horse - Given that horses were the main form of transportation for many Native American tribes, horses are revered and cared for almost like a member of the family. In this way they symbolize loyalty. The symbol of a horse worn on jewelry or other attire represented strength, freedom, and nobility for the wearer.

These items can make a great gift for a parent, significant other, daughter/son, grandparent, or yourself, etc. I always polish and shine everything one last time in the tumbler and then by hand before mailing them, so they arrive with you in the most pristine condition and free of my fingerprints.

Beautiful Craftmanship 

As a limited edition set exclusive to Wolvestuff, this bracelet will be designed uniquely for you. This set popular with men and women and is the perfect gift for all occasions.

The Wolf Bracelet that you can't see in any store.