Lucinda 3PC Canvas

Everyone knows her but not everyone knows her name. Lucinda will inspire you every day. She’s the bearer of the light. She moves through life with grace and beauty.

Lucinda will look into your eyes and ask you questions that will make you think. She will help you see the courage within you. And teach you how to use it. Yes, Lucinda is her name.


  • An artsy piece sure to add elegance to any space! 
  • Great wall art that evoke pleasant feelings
  • Make your home irresistibly awesome 
  • Everyone will be admiring your sense of style 


Size 1 20X40X3PCS 8X16X3PCS
Size 2 30x60x3PCS 12X24X3PCS
Size 3 40x80x3PCS 16X32X3PCS
Size 4 50X100X3PCS 20X40X3PCS