We Are Wolf Pack

July 29, 2019 3 min read

We Are Wolf Pack

Wolves are known to move in packs, just like humans it is hard to survive alone. You might argue that the settings are different but just like wolves in order to survive in a ‘pack’ or what we humans call society, you need to contribute. Wolf packs consist of the alpha, the beta and the omega’s, each one has a very significant role.

The alpha leads the pack who is closely supported by the beta’s and the omegas are those who are protected but at the same time they also protect. An alpha Is chosen amongst the pack based on which wolf is the strongest, strength is one of the biggest factor in choosing an alpha because in the wild it is always survival of the fittest. It might sound harsh and you might be wondering that if it’s survival of the fittest, how do the other wolves particularly the weak ones survive? They are able to survive because of the pack.

Unlike human society where the weak ones and the dregs are left behind by everyone else, wolves have an entirely different approach. To give you a clearer idea, when a wolf pack travels instead of the alpha leading, it is actually the last one to move. The others go first or to be more specific, the pace is set by the weak, the old and the sick wolves, this is to make sure that no one gets left behind. The strongest beta’s and omega’s are placed near the front and the back in order to be able to protect the weaker ones from any attacks from other packs or other animals. This is an actually a strategy that hikers use in order to make sure that no one gets lost along the way. So imagine these animals who are considered as a lower species to human beings acting more humanitarian and emphatic compared to actual people.

Imagine if leaders were to take this kind of approach, complete selflessness and a great act of kindness and compassion, wouldn’t the world be a much better place? We could really learn a thing or two from these beautiful animals. This system is very simple yet very hard to apply in real life because in all aspects you always have to think about the others. Despite any harsh condition you and the people around you are placed in, your number one priority will always be the others. Doesn’t being an alpha sound simple yet complicated? But enough about the alpha because he isn’t the only one that deserves praise in a wolf pack. The other wolves also serve as a wonderful example of how we should treat each other. The beta’s are willing to fight against anything for the purpose of protecting their kin, the omega’s are also willing to fight alongside their leaders despite them being the weaker members of the pack.

Every single one of them plays an important role and all their roles exist in order to support each other. Just imagine having that kind of support system in your life, that no matter who is beside you in whatever situation, you know that they will always have your back just like you have their back. So with that in mind let us ask you, who is part of your pack?


Written by James Miranda

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