Are You a True Wolf?

November 25, 2019 2 min read

Are You a True Wolf?

Wolves are known to be a strong and silent warrior. A true wolf stands firm in a tough world that consumes anyone. A true wolf stands his grounds for his beliefs even overwhelmed by the opinions of the majority. A wolf is an entity that embodies purpose, intensity and immense desire to succeed in everything he does.

It takes a lot to be “wolf”.

Do you have these 7 characteristics to become one of the pack?

  1. Wolves Embrace Uniqueness

A pack that stands together, survives together. They don’t feel fear or intimidated by the opinions of others. They know their strengths and use it to stand their ground.

  1. Wolves Act as a Pack

A lone wolf can’t survive the winter, but the pack survives. They act as an intact unit and ignore any circumstances to back down from every situation they will face.

  1. They Are Smart

A pack never attacks a prey without devising strategies. Wolves’ art of war is knowing itself and knowing its prey.

  1. Wolves Protect Their Own

Wolves are wired to protect their own. Harm the pack, the wolves will swarm.

  1. Wolves Are Natural Leaders

To be an excellent leader, one must follow first. The key to the perfect hunt are leadership and the followers who obey their Alpha’s orders.

  1. Wolves Are the Definition of Freedom

Each pack has its own set of rules. Wolves are meant to run wild and free. Wolvestuff imagines a world where every wolf is free. Help us support this cause and visit us at

  1. Wolves Find Their Strength in The Light of Darkness

A wolf pack is known to be most active during the night. They make the darkness their ally. You are a true wolf if you always find your inner strength even in the darkness of the days.

How many of these traits do you share with a wolf? Share this article and influence others to let their inner wolf shine in the fullest light of the Moon. As always, howl to the moon and reach for the stars.


Written by James Miranda

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