The Meaning of Wolves in Our Dreams

February 14, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

The Meaning of Wolves in Our Dreams

The most often question that we ask every time that we have a dream is "What does it mean?".

Of course we will have follow-up questions like "Is it a sign of danger?" and to answer these questions, we will be researching it, browse Google and read several articles.

Some of us even go to the therapists just to ask about our dreams, especially if we have dreamed about the same thing for consecutive nights.

You've probably done something like this, right?

We dream about different animals, and each of them have different interpretations.

Some of the animals that we dream of create strong impressions that it may be overwhelming to our thinking.

One of the most meaningful and overwhelming dreams is about Wolves. It has great power that can be very confusing.

The wolf is worshiped, feared and sometimes misunderstood. It is a very symbolic animal throughout the world.

They are even present when it comes to folklore and fairy tales from the ancient to the modern generation.

To understand what the wolf means in our dreams, we must understand the wild nature of this animal including its behavior and the attitude of our society towards the animal.

Wolves in our dreams can have the positive or negative connotation.

Their wild lifestyle can be a symbolism of your wild self that is different from your day-to-day behavior.

This can be a scary thing to confront. Being wild can be a negative in the sense that it can damage or hurt.

But the positive thing about this is that it can be a wild excitement, freedom and release.

The definition of wild can be untamed and uncivilized or bad mannered at some point but at the same time can be pure, innocent and not corrupted.

Wolves in our dreams can also be seen as a source of wisdom, beauty and majesty. But on the other perspective, they can be portrayed as evil, sly and insatiable.

In general, the wolf can be scary, threatening and vicious but at the same time it can also be protecting, noble and full of wisdom.

What you can learn about your dream may have a deep connection within you. You have to learn to ask yourself what you are frightened of.

If you dream that wolves are scary creatures, it may mean that you are afraid of them.

The wolf can also symbolize something that you are afraid of, like your boss at work, your partner or a figure of authority.

If you dream that wolves are trying to hunt you, it may be that you are being chased by your problems or something that is giving you stress.

If the wolves in your dream are free and calm, then it could mean that you need to have a time for yourself when you can release your stress and have freedom for yourself.

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Written by: Prof. Walter E. Go

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March 20, 2019

I have loved wolves all my life and loved the book about a noble wolf called white fang


February 21, 2019

I love wolves. I dream of wolves and have always been good dreams. I hope when I die I come back as a wolf.

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