Social Distancing? Learn from Wolves

March 25, 2020 2 min read

Social Distancing? Learn from Wolves

Wolves are known to be long-distance communicators. So if we talk about social distancing, we can learn a lot from them, figuratively speaking of course. We love wolves for their tight teamwork, communication and of course, because for the reason that they are wolves. In today’s article, we’ll discover these majestic creature’s traits on which we can learn a lot.

  1. Howling

Wolves and howling are almost synonymous. Wolves use howls to make a communication up to several miles away. Trivia: Did you know that in open terrain, wolves’ howl can reach up to 10 miles away? These form of communication allows wolves to locate their pack member, to inform others about their pack size, and to warn their family about a potential danger. 

We don’t say that you howl while under quarantine, but perhaps we can learn that a howl makes the pack tighter even for long distances. Consider it as a “social glue”, a music that makes families tighter even in the gravest situations.

  1. Body Language

Wolves also convey a message to their pack by using body language. For the Alpha wolves (usually the pack’s breeding pair) to exert dominance among its pack members, they will convey a strong, erect posture with high-held tails. For the pack member, they express submissive positions to give respect for the “Alphas.” Wolves also love to play! It includes chasing games, jaw wrestling, and they also make various vocalizations. What can we learn from it? Despite the dangers of living in the wild, wolves make time to have fun and forget the world even just for a little time.

  1. They Do Everything as One 

For any successful wolf activity, such as hunting, there is a precise amount of communication. Everyone is following their leader and trusts him/her to act for the benefit of the whole pack. 

Regardless of the situation with the Covid-19, we as humans can learn a lot from these majestic creatures. We must stand as one, follow the guidelines to eliminate this pandemic. We will rise again, wolf pack. Together. As one.


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