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One of the biggest calamities to have hit mankind has been going on for days now, the Amazon rain forest is on fire. It has been for a number of days now and the fire is till spreading quickly. Well, if it’s so bad why haven’t I heard about it? Well that’s because news of it has been blocked by the multiple corporate monsters that started the fire. A lot of people have been working hard to spread the word about what’s been going on but it started a little bit too late.

The gravity of the fire have reached an unbelievable record already destroying 83% of the rain forest, to give you an idea of that size it’s larger than a few countries like Japan, Philippines and Korea. The bigger problem we as a species is about to face is that we’re going to start losing breathable air because this rain forest approximately 20% of the planet’s oxygen. We might not be feeling the effects yet but there are those who are, the animals and the Amazon tribe that live in that forest. Hundreds of thousands of wildlife like wolves, snakes, orangutans and different kinds of plants have made that rain forest their home. The different Amazon tribes who have lived and thrived there have not only made sure to keep the balance between man, beast and nature but have also fought hard to protect this place and its inhabitants. A few years ago an Amazon tribe worked hard to make sure that the Amazon was protected legally against corrupt government officials and palm oil corporations who have been eyeing this vast land to sell and turn into farmland. Planning on displacing not only the indigenous people who have made it their home for hundreds of years but also possibly ruining the lives of the wildlife of that area. Yes, the Amazon tribe won the case and gained rights to preserve the rain forest but then the fire started happening. Problem is it just didn’t start happening, the Brazilian government along with the million dollar corporations actually started the fire. They made sure that the fire was big enough and would spread fast enough before word gets out and before help arrived.

The big news companies have hardly covered the story and we don’t have all the facts but all we know is the Amazon rain forest is burning, it’s burning fast and that we are losing a lot of lives in the process. Lives of animals and plants that have nowhere to run and no idea of why this is happening to them. Animals who were quietly living their lives in their homes just minding their own business their lives end just because some people thought they didn’t deserve the land they lived on. We think this is wrong. No amount of reasoning can ever make this right, so we ask you to spread the word. Let the world know, our Amazon rain forest is burning and we need everyone’s help. Do what you have to do, donate to groups that are working on stopping the fire, share information and updates on social media about the status of the fire, take part in making those responsible accountable for the death of the rain forest and the wildlife. Help to inform the world, help to stop the fire, help to make sure this does not happen again.


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Kimberley Thorburn
Kimberley Thorburn

September 06, 2019

Once again another man made disaster which will have a huge impact on tribes and all forms of the animal kingdom and they wonder why we are loosing irreplaceable wild life all over parts of the world

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