Plan B To Save Wolves - I AM WOLF NATION

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Plan B To Save Wolves - I AM WOLF NATION


We are Wolvestuff, advocates, and lovers of the majestic and mystical creature, the wolf. This animal inspires us all in so many ways and because of this, we feel the need to take the initiative to help however we can to inform, educate, and advocate for this remarkable animal. We are not the only ones who have such a passion for the wolf, as there are many others out there, but we have found someone to partner with to help keep us informed and, in turn, you aware of the dangers that are closing in on our beloved animal. The government and certain legislature has deemed the wolf unimportant to our livelihood and is allowing trophy hunting and trapping of wolves and wolf pups. These horrible contests don’t take into account that by killing even a single member of the pack, these animals suffer substantial losses as, typically, it is the healthy leaders of the pack who are taken which affects the pack in catastrophic ways. Wolves are very tight-knit family groups, and they mourn like we do when one of their family members dies. However, should a pack member, or worse yet, an outsider come in and take over, youngsters can be killed and the entire pack dynamic changes yet again. Sometimes, wolves separate and move away from the area. Any of these scenarios has a devastating effect on our ecosystem.

There are things the wolf does that keep our other wildlife and ecosystem in check. The prime example is the story of Yellowstone Park. The wolves had such an incredible impact on our park that by re-introducing them they put everything back in check which, in fact, eventually changed the paths of the rivers. It’s an incredible story that is as astounding as it is informative. You see, as an apex predator, they are in a unique position to keep grazing creatures, like elk and deer in check, which doesn’t sound like much, but had a profound effect on everything in the park. Wolves do this by culling the herds of the weak animals which keeps those herds healthy. Also, by hunting the deer and elk, the wolves keep the herds moving so these grazers don’t eat all the vegetation in the open areas like valleys and gorges near the rivers which keeps the erosion of the banks from weakening and washing away. This allows vegetative growth to happen, which regenerated forests, in turn increasing the bird populations. By reinforcing the banks and strengthening the paths of the rivers, this increased other forms of wildlife necessary for the health of the ecosystem. Bears returned as they had the natural berries as well as the deer to feed on. With the trees returning, so did the beavers, and as their numbers increased they created the dams that creatures like otters, ducks, muskrats, and fish need in order to survive and thrive. The circle of life is restored. The importance of wolves in our world has been demonstrated more than just this once, but this is one that is documented and measurable. Wolves are incredibly significant, and we need to acknowledge that and keep the protection of these animals up front and inform those who don’t understand the roles they play in our world, indeed in our very future.

So how can you help, you may ask. Wolvestuff has partnered with Plan B, a 501 © 3 Corporation that advocates and supports many other organizations that rescues wolves and wolfdogs and educates on behalf of them. Plan B wanted to take it one step further so that all of us could be the voice of our beautiful animal, the wolf. So they have created “I AM WOLF NATION.” To find out more about their program, take a look at the video included below. Wolvestuff’s Call to Action is our “I AM WOLF NATION” merchandise. By displaying our merchandise, it allows others to see it, ask questions, and learn about our initiative, thus inviting others to join in our fight to save the wolves. We, here at Wolvestuff will donate a dollar of every purchase to Plan B so that we can contribute to making a difference in our fight to save our beautiful wolves.

For now, reach for the stars, believe in yourself, and howl at the moon for the sheer joy of it. Forever Follow the Wolf.


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