8 Steps To Help Your Bedding Sets Last Longer

December 18, 2018 2 min read

8 Steps To Help Your Bedding Sets Last Longer

Your room is your haven. It is your source of energy, peace of mind and a peaceful retreat. Above all, you deserve ultimate comfort in a perfectly clean and sweet smelling, fresh sheets.

Here are some tips on how you could wash your linens that will make it last longer.

1. Read labels and follow specific cleaning requirements.
Majority of the bedding sets that we have here at Wolvestuff can be washed with your washing machine, but in some cases, these fabrics may require careful consideration. So read the label before washing them. 

2. Check the water temperature setting.
Some bedding sets are best washed using warm water, some using cold water. If possible, you may need to increase the temperature to kill germs and dust mites that thrive in the bedding.

3. Wash once or twice a month.
Let’s admit it we spend more time in bed than we do in our clothing. We wash and clean our clothes regularly, so bed sheets shouldn't be any different.

4. Separate by color.
This is a must when you’re doing the laundry because dark color bleeds onto lighter colors.

5. Dry it on a clothesline outside.
The warmth of the sun is a natural disinfectant which will make your bedding smell cleaner and fresher. This is ideal if it's not possible to wash your bedding with warm water. Bedding that were sun dried also lasts longer. Do this every couple of months. In case of bad weather, use a dryer to dry your sheets.

6. Iron your bed linen.
This is the one that we always forget. (I am also guilty of this. *wink*) Ironing helps in eliminating the remaining germs and dust mites after washing. Ironing also helps you to store bed linen easily. But take note that most of our bedding set is made of microfiber, not cotton, so it is best to not iron it. Ironing is only applicable for bedding sets that are made of cotton. 

7. Store bedding in a dry and clean cabinet.
This will help your bedding sets looking good as new.

8. Each bed should have a minimum of three sets of bedding.
You can alternate your sheets weekly to maintain that clean and fresh feeling in your beds.

Follow these easy and simple steps, you will surely have fresh and clean bedding sets all year long.

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